“Ruins”, Heather Brownʼs first solo exhibition at Carter & Citizen, concedes that all bright new things become timeworn. This exhibition highlights the artistʼs preoccupation with the expansion and contraction of meaning that exists alongside the layers of context assigned to an object or ritual (and painting in particular). These rough and craggy geometric abstractions reveal Brownʼs source material – from Art Deco pattern and architecture to Mayan relief and decoration.

Brown considers painting a battle over space, which she demonstrates by absorbing, processing and depositing multiple layers of meaning and paint in the work. Here, some layers become indecipherable from one another (grafted and sanded down), while others are clearly distinguished. These paintings wear a humble and labored skin while remaining confident and sturdy. Their physical surface points to the removal and reclamation of meaning and through her investment in the repetition of simple form, Brown continues to pursue “fluency in a dead, haunted language”.

Heather Brown received her MFA from UCLA in 2002 and a BA from UCSB in 1999. Brownʼs solo exhibitions include “Thank You For Your Childhood” (Parker Jones, Los Angeles), “Drawings” (Parker Jones, Los Angeles), and “Heather Brown: New Paintings” (Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles). Her work has been seen in group exhibitions at venues such at Weekend, (Los Angeles), Five Thirty Three (Los Angeles), Black Dragon Society (Los Angeles), Honor Fraser Gallery (Los Angeles) and Angles Gallery (Los Angeles) among others. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Heather Brown

Ruins installation detail

Ruins installation detail

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