Carter & Citizen is proud to present the galleryʼs inaugural exhibition “distant already”, a solo exhibition by Kelly Kleinschrodt. The show opens September 10 and closes October 22, 2011. The gallery will host a reception for the artist on Saturday, September 10, from 6 to 9pm.

At the center of Kleinschrodtʼs practice, which includes video, performance and photography, is an exploration of the body. Within Kleinschrodtʼs work, the body is at once abstracted and sexualized. While maternity is Kleinschrodtʼs most current visual and conceptual field in which to examine a utilitarian and sexualized body, the nature of the imagery is both masculine and feminine. The body is undeniably present, yet indeterminate.

In the video installation, titled “Sonata, first movement”, a breast pumping milk is abstracted to a point of hyper and trophic sexuality. The shift between possibilities and functions of each (male and female) is also seen in Kleinschrodtʼs series of framed photographs and photograms, “falling” and “nappe,” where fluids meet fabric and recondite images of functional objects (such as breast pumps).
Kleinschrodtʼs performance piece, Theme and Variations (for solo violinist and breast pump), will take place throughout the run of the exhibition. A theme melody and a recording of a breast pump are acoustic anchors for the performance. The theme melody, composed by the artist, is subjected to systematic embellishments–variations–
conceived of by the violinist (Morgan Paros) who loosely follows a score for the variations on the theme while improvisationally responding to the breast pumpʼs own audible variations.

An analogy between instruments–violin and breast pump–calls forth a lost moment of bodily exchange between mother and child. In addition, complex issues surface surrounding labor and surrogacy, specifically in terms of infant-rearing and artistic production. Just as the pump serves as a surrogate for the infant, the violinist acts as surrogate for the artist. Absence and responsiveness are central to this performance and to Kleinschrodtʼs body of work.

Kelly Kleinschrodt received her MFA from UCLA in 2011. Her work has been exhibited and screened in the U.S. and abroad at venues such as Kavi Gupta (Berlin), Crisp London Los Angeles (London & Los Angeles), Dan Graham (Los Angeles), and Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico City) among others. distant already marks her first solo exhibition with Carter & Citizen. Kleinschrodt lives and works in Los Angeles.

Kelly Kleinschrodt

"falling (for Jim)"
c-print, acrylic
41 x 33.5 inches

“falling (for Jim)”
c-print, acrylic
41 × 33.5 inches

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